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Online Search Exposure

One of the important key features of having your shop listed with AutoBody Alliance is the exposure to consumers looking for auto body repair services on the internet. It's common knowledge that people in general are utilizing search engines on the internet more and more to find goods and services, and in turn using printed directories and advertising less and less.

Knowing this, body shop owners and managers are spending more of their advertising dollar in online advertising and listings. Through the AutoBody Alliance website you can get a new avenue of online exposure with a dedicated page featuring your shop including hours of operation, services, photos and more. Simply adding your shop to the database and maintaining your listing costs nothing and gives you one more place for online consumers to get in touch with you directly.

Now, we fully realize that the average consumer looking for a body shop on the internet does not know about, and they are not going to know to come to our site to find a shop. Because of this we go through painstaking efforts in an attempt to make each and every shop page on our site show up for the appropriate service and local search terms when consumers search for shops using any of the popular search engines.

For example, if you own a shop called "ACME Body Shop" in Phoenix Arizona and someone searches on Google for "ACME body shop Phoenix" and finds your shop, this is generally a good thing but it's not the best thing. The reason we don't think it's the best is because that person already knew the name of your shop and they were looking for you in particular to begin with.

We strive to target those searches that might be looking for "autobody repair Phoenix", for example. In this case the consumer is most likely looking for a body shop and does not yet have one in mind. If your website or your listing page in is in those search results, you have a very good potential to gain a new customer that did not know about you before.

With the rapid increase of individuals searching the internet for service over the past few years, this feature of the AutoBody Alliance network is a very valuable and important one that is too often overlooked and can give one more "edge" on the competition.