One-Stop Dispatching

AutoBody Alliance web-based application supports a platform which allows for easy electronic dispatching to multiple types of estimate sources. Adjusters can log into the site and choose to dispatch repair assignments to a certified body shop, independent appraiser or their own staff appraiser. Estimates can also optionally be submitted for a Desk Review Audit along with the assignment to an estimate source.

Completed assignments are returned through the AutoBody Alliance web application along with electronic notification to the adjuster. Completed estimates, photos, notes and diary entries can then be viewed, downloaded and tracked all through the online tools.

How it works

By simply logging in to the AutoBody Alliance website, insurance carriers can easily create an online assignment on a simple, single form to dispatch to an estimate source. Through filling out the dispatch form, the application keys off of the vehicle owner location and provides a list of certified repair facilities, independent appraisers and staff appraisers that are closest to the vehicle location. Users of the application can then simply choose one and then submit the dispatch; AutoBody Alliance takes it from there.

The Autobody Alliance system will electronically send the assignment to the estimate source of your choice, providing you with a way to track dispatches you have sent along with notifications and statusing through every step of the process.

Getting Started

To get started using AutoBody Alliance's Direct Repair Program or to get more information, you can go to the Contact Us form and request an email or a phone call.