Information for Insurance Carriers

Information for Insurance Carriers

AutoBody Alliance provides the foremost in a consumer network of auto repair facilities, available online through the website. Accessible through the home page of the site, consumers are able to search for reputable repair facilities by location, name and a number of other parameters assisting them in finding the best facility to meet their needs.

The AutoBody Alliance program implements a turn-key managed repair network available to insurance carriers throughout the United States. This program provides a platform for insurance carriers to efficiently manage their damage repair assignments, without the headache of trying to manage various appraisal sources. There are no referral fees paid by the AutoBody Alliance repair network members, so there are no additional costs passed along to you the carrier.

Managed List of Repair Facilities
AutoBody Alliance continuously maintains a directory of auto damage repair facilities, all categorized and searchable by geographical area, services and amenities that the facility offers. There are multiple levels of membership that a repair facility can have to participate with in the AutoBody Alliance program with the highest being the Certified Members. These shops must meet and maintain specific criteria in order to be accepted into the program.

One-Stop Dispatching
AutoBody Alliance supports a platform which allows for electronic dispatching to multiple estimate sources. Adjusters can log into the site and choose to dispatch repair assignments to a body shop or an independent appraiser. Estimates can also optionally submitted for a Desk Review by itself or along with an assignment to an estimate source.

 Completed assignments are returned to the AutoBody Alliance website along with electronic notification to the adjuster, where they can be viewed, downloaded and tracked all through the online tools.

Adjusters can create diary items with reminders as well as notes for each claim. Events in the system also auto-generate notes and can create automated diary reminders for a claim to help track and monitor the progress of assignments.

Once a claim assignment is dispatched we offer a combination of automated and manual statusing for each claim. Statusing allows you to keep abreast of the detailed process of an assignment to assure things keep moving forward in a timely manner, keeping it a smooth process for everyone.

AutoBody Alliance allows some customization to the statusing process per carrier and generally involves electronically polling the repair facility twice and then physically calling as needed in order to get the status of the assignment. The adjuster is notified electronically, on their dashboard and in the claim notes each time a status has been requested and the response.

Profile/Guidelines Management
A common issue and inconvenience that both carriers and body shops often face is keeping up to date on the latest insurance carrier guidelines. The insurance carrier has many body shops to keep up to date, and the body shop usually has many different insurance carrier guidelines to maintain.

Through the AutoBody Alliance tool insurance carriers are able to populate a form with repair guidelines (no labor rates) which are available to all Certified repair facilities. These guidelines can be updated as often as necessary and a history is maintained on the system. Repair facilities are always assured to get the latest guideline profile when viewing online and get a link to the active profile with each assignment.

Customizable Shop Lists
AutoBody Alliance allows individual insurance carriers to customize their shop list as much or as little as they would like. By default the Certified repair facilities are all available for searching and electronic dispatching, but at the discretion of the insurance carrier facilities can be added or removed from the list at any time.

Carriers can choose to start with all of the Certified shops and start adding and removing, or start with no shops on the list and begin to create a completely custom list by picking Certified members or adding their own. It's important to note however that any shops that are added to the list cannot accept electronic dispatches until they become a Certified Member of the AutoBody Alliance direct repair program.

Desk Review Service
AutoBody Alliance also integrates with a Desk Review Service through our parent company Quality Claims Solutions (QCS). Adjusters can choose to have an estimate reviewed through an "Owner's Choice" dispatch or simply have the Desk Review automatically conducted after an estimate is returned. 

Getting Started
To get started using AutoBody Alliance's Direct Repair Program or to get more information you can click on the sign up link below, or go to the Contact Us form and request an email or a call.

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