AutoBody Alliance Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for AutoBody Alliance Certification?

AutoBody Alliance employs a combination of liability requirements, facility features and calculations for geographical coverage in order to continuously maintain it's list of preferred repair facilities. More information about Network Certification and requirements can be found on the Certification Requirements page.

What fees are associated with being an AutoBody Alliance Certified Member?

Certified members of AutoBody Alliance only pay a single, yearly maintenance fee of $315 which helps with the program maintenance and hosting of the application. There are no referral fees, no percentages of repair orders or hidden fees of any type.

What's the difference between being a member of AutoBody Alliance, and being a Certified Member of AutoBody Alliance?

Anyone who has a body shop can be a free member of AutoBody Alliance and have their shop information listed on This includes having their shop listed and geocoded for searching, as well as listing hours, certifications, services, and photos for your facility.

Certified members have the ability to receive electronic assignments from the multiple insurance carriers that use the AutoBody Alliance program, and also show as preferred listing in body shop searches. In addition, Certified shops can take advantage of additional resources and tools available from the shop dashboard when logging on. A feature comparison is available to easily see the differences of the program memberships.

What insurance carriers work with AutoBody Alliance?

AutoBody Alliance works with multiple insurance carriers throughout the country and the list is continuously being updated as new carriers are added. Autobody Alliance members can see the active list of insurance carriers from the shop dashboard, and certified members can view the active profile of each carrier, which is always updated and available with the latest for each carrier.

How do I get Electronic Dispatches from Insurance Carriers

The AutoBody Alliance program uses the CCC Autoverse network for transmitting estimate data between AutoBody Alliance and repair facilities. You can read more on the Electronic Dispatching page.

Where does all this data come from?

AutoBody Alliance is a product of Quality Claims Solutions (QCS), a prominent services provider in the insurance and automotive repair industry. Over the past several years, QCS has been gathering data on automotive repair facilities through day to day operations in other products in order to build up to the offering of AutoBody Alliance.

Through this data we were able to begin the product by identifying thousands of repair facilities throughout the United States. After launch, the product has been able to maintain it's own data by participating shops creating accounts to add and maintain their listings going forward. At this point all data about individual shops is maintained by the shop owners themselves who log into the website and maintain their own listings.